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7. Oktober 2017

Wien, mdw

TaKeTiNa - The Future of Music Schools

TaKeTiNa mdw, Universität für Musik und Darstellen

As a piano teacher in Austria´s largest music school, I am well aware of the difficulties with making learning suitable for everyone at the same time, when using linear-learning processes in a group setting. With TaKeTiNa I have found a learning process that differs profoundly from any other learning process known in education. It is a non-linear learning process which works with the alternation of chaos and order phases, allowing every individual to at any given moment learn at their own pace. 

TaKeTiNa plays a big role in the future of learning in music schools, making active music participation accessible for everyone and encouraging diversity and inclusion. 

At this year´s European Music School Symposium at University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna I will present the benefits of TaKeTiNa in music education and guide the audience into the experience of a TaKeTiNa rhythm journey.

Wann: Sa, 7.10.17, 8-9 Uhr

Wo: Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien, Anton-von-Webern Platz 1, 1030 Wien

am Surdo: Claudia Gabrielli


Katharina Loibner- TaKeTiNa

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