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Katharina Loibner, TaKeTiNa, Reinhard Flatischler

Hi and welcome to my website!

Do you want to improve your sense of rhythm?

I can help you with that!

Have you heard from others that TaKeTiNa makes them feel better and are you curious about the work?

Have fun browsing my site, and I hope you find answers to all your questions!

TaKeTiNa Basistraining, rhythmisches Basistraining

Elementary Rhythm Training

Anchoring rhythmic building blocks in your body. Useful for instrumentalists and singers. 

For the basic training follow along here

rhythmus, taketina, meditation

Rhythm for Non-musicians, why ... ?

Rhythm in TaKeTiNa is a tool for personal development, meditation and transformation.

Everything which is hindering us in rhythm, is hindering us in life. And every blockage which is transformed in rhythm, is transformed in life as well. 

You are happy, no matter the outer circumstances

Musikschule der Stadt Linz, TaKeTiNa, rhythmus, Re

TaKeTiNa allows you to experience moments of bliss when you´re one with rhythm, without effort.

"All of a sudden I was so happy, not because I could clap and step a certain amount of times, but I was just so happy. I can´t explain why." - that´s how a participant once described his experience.

TaKeTiNa is about transferring this state of flow into your life. Rhythm is a mirror of life. Every blockade you solve here will dissolve in your life as well. 

You can solve problems effortlessly which you can´t solve in daily life

All blockages which are hindering us in life, are mirrored as rhythmic problems. All hindrances which are solved in rhythm are solved in life as well. 

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Why TaKeTiNa?

No matter if you are a musician or not...

TaKeTiNa uses rhythmic information which is inherent in every human being but not accessible with traditional teaching methods. You are welcome even if you have no previous musical experience at all

Taketina mdw, Universität für Musik und Darstellen

Meditation yes, but ... ;)

Do you want to meditate but can´t sit still? When there´s a lot of inner turmoil it can be quite hard to calm down while sitting still. TaKeTiNa rhythm journeys work differently. They lead you from being active into laying down, resulting in a stillness in which internally you still gently feel pulsation.

Even people with previous experience in meditation are impressed by the wide and still space which they experience in fade outs of rhythm journeys. Often they find TaKeTiNa far more effective than methods of meditation they had been using. 

Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien,

"These journeys are ultimately about moments in which we are completely happy without knowing why and without having a particular reason for it." Reinhard Flatischler, founder of TaKeTiNa

Katharina Loibner, Rhythmus, TaKeTiNa, Trommeln

The best Rhythm Training 

You gain: Improved sense for rhythm, Groove in your body, better coordination... 

As a musician who has been studying at countless Rhythm- and Percussiontrainings I can assure you: TaKeTiNa cannot be compared to any other Rhythm Training. The methods we work with differ profoundly from any other learning processes known in education. 

With TaKeTiNa you can develop a form of simultaneity and independence which, even if you practiced for years, you could not achieve with linear learning methods. 

Are you curious, do you have questions? Here you´ll find answers: 


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