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My journey with TaKeTiNa

My journey with TaKeTiNa

Katharina Loibner, TaKeTiNa

In my life, School and University were mainly charactarized by: 

Pressure to perform, fear of making mistakes, judgements, comparison with others 

What TaKeTiNa provided for me:

The uniqueness of TaKeTiNa:

My fascination about the efficiency of this work grows stronger and stronger, as people can - in comparatively short amounts of time - not only solve their rhythmic problems, but also experience feelings of deep happiness and lasting development processes. 

The learning setting of TaKeTiNa is unique. The quality of people being allowed to learn in a group and at the same time as individuals without stress in their own learning pace is not known to me from any other learning process in education. 

Rhythm in my Studies

Katharina Loibner, Mamadou Diabate, Trommelfest Ne

In my studies of Piano Pedagogics I emphasized on Rhythmics in Special Education as well as Drumset and Percussion. In addition to the classes at the University I learned percussion from musicians not only from Austria and Germany, but also many other countries (England, Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela, Turkey, Burkina Faso ...). Not only did I get to know many different rhythm cultures, but also many different ways of teaching rhythm

TaKeTiNa in my Studies

Reinhard Flatischler, Irmgard Bank, Taketina works

TaKeTiNa, the work which should become my profession and vocation, I first encountered in February 2003 at a three-day- TaKeTiNa Workshop at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna with Reinhard and Cornelia Flatischler. 

From the very first moment I was fascinated and touched by TaKeTiNa in a unique way and had many astonishing new experiences, even though I had been engaged so deeply with music and concepts of teaching rhythm.

What was it about this work that led me to jump out of bed in the middle of the night in order to realize the rhythmic structures of the previous workshop day which would not exit my mind and body?

How could I find an explanation for the immense fascination and attraction, where did these deep routed feelings of happiness come from which I experienced during the workshop?

Decision for TaKeTiNa

Katharina Loibner, TaKeTiNa, Reinhard Flatischler

Soon I realized that TaKeTiNa was about a lot more than just teaching rhythm. After the TaKeTiNa drums and percussion Training 2009-2011 I completed the TaKeTiNa Teacher Training 2013-2015. I had my Advanced Exam in 2017. 

My curiosity and attraction towards TaKeTiNa which I felt when I first encountered it continues to be unabated. The longer I am dealing with this work, the more intense my interest grows, the deeper the experience becomes and the clearer I come to realize the immense potential of TaKeTiNa. 

If I had to sum up what it was that touched me most about TaKeTiNa from the very beginning, I would say it was the experience of these amazingly deep moments of happiness. What is fascinating about this work is that people "just" sing, step and clap, but experience moments of happiness which many have described as finding home

Professional field

Katharina Loibner, Musikschule der Stadt Linz, Kla

At Musikschule der Stadt Linz I daily witness how my background as a TaKeTiNa teacher enriches my piano teaching. With TaKeTiNa as a tool I not only can provide causal help with rhythmic difficulties, but TaKeTiNa also helps with right/left independency of the hands, the dissolving of the fear of making mistakes, making music in flow etc.

TaKeTiNa at a Music University / Musicschool next to you: Please contact me. 

My wish and vision

I wish to contribute to other people´s lives by what I am and what I have learned. With TaKeTiNa I found my reason for being, Ikigai in Japanese. For me TaKeTiNa combines passion, mission, vocation and profession

I want to offer to people the experience of deep happiness which TaKeTiNa makes possible when one becomes one with rhythm and which is being transferred to your daily life. 

Especially I care about the work with Music teachers and Music students because I know from my own experience how enriching TaKeTiNa is in these fields of work. 

TaKeTiNa Workshops at your place

TaKeTiNa, Katharina Loibner, In den Rhythmus Komme

You can book me for TaKeTiNa Workshops near where you live. Course language can be English as well. I am looking forward to your contact request


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