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July 10/11, 2018


TaKeTiNa - Rhythm as a Source of Power

Finding yourself through rhythm. Encountering rhythm with the body, your mind can release. Mistakes are deliberately included and allowed in the learning process. Through losing and finding the rhythmic flow you develop flexibility and serenity, requirements for getting into the rhythm

Organizer: Private Pädagogische Hochschule der Diözese Linz, Institut für Fort- und Weiterbildung

Application: click here

When: July 10/11, 2018, Tuesday 10 am until Wednesday 12.30 pm

Where: Hotel Alpenblick, Kirchschlag

Workshopleader: Katharina Loibner
Surdo: Iris Jesse


Katharina Loibner- TaKeTiNa

Salzstraße 2/9
4212 Neumarkt im Mühlkreis

Phone +43 650 25 99 069