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June 8/9, 2018


TaKeTiNa - Rhythm as a mastertool for personal growth

University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich, R

Art in Motion 2018 – Training for Creative Excellence

At this symposium artists and athletes engage in the quest for training strategies that enable and reinforce learning, while facilitating creativity and flexibility. Efficiency and effectiveness are not enough. Work methods need elements of variability to inspire personal growth over a lifetime.

In this TaKetiNa workshop participants will get to know the process as an effective way to enhance creativity and flexibility. These qualities reinforce every learning process. 

University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich, R

When: Fr/Sa, 8./9th of June, 2018

Where: University of Music and Performing Arts Munich

Registration: please follow this link

Workshopleader: Katharina Loibner
Surdo: Anja Kalb


Katharina Loibner

Salzstraße 2/9
4212 Neumarkt im Mühlkreis

Phone +43 650 25 99 069