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About TaKeTiNa


TaKeTiNa rhythm for evolution, Reinhard Flatischle

TaKeTiNa was developed in the 1970s by Austrian musician and composer Reinhard Flatischler.

The fundamental question was: How can somebody who is not a musician make an existentially moving experience with rhythm? In the book TaKeTiNa - Rhythm for Evolution the work and how it got developed is described in detail. More Information here:

How does TaKeTiNa work?

The structure of a TaKeTiNa-Set enables the following:

Here you find my radio broadcast of half an hour duration with examples from the field. 

What is my benefit of TaKeTiNa?


In TaKeTiNa you can experience abstract qualities like

concretely and in practice through rhythm and so transfer them to your life. Everything that´s hindering you in life, is mirrored as a hindrance in rhythm, and all obstacles which you encounter and solve with rhythm, will be solved in your life as well.


Very often participants mention the relaxing effect of TaKeTiNa. They are surprised at how fast they manage to empty their minds. People with experience in meditation often experience that with TaKeTiNa it is a lot easier for them to enter the state of stillness and the Here and Now.


TaKeTiNa has immediate positive effects on your physical health, verifiable in qEEG and heart rate variability measurements. TaKeTiNa resynchronizes the rhythms in your body which determine good health - physically, mentally and emotionally.  


People who are not involved in making music in their professional or private life, very often report the pleasant experience of actively being part of a musical process. There are countless studies about the positive effects on singing and actively making music. All these benefits function like positive side effects in TaKeTiNa and boost the benefit which you will have through this work. 

Various points how you can benefit from TaKeTiNa

In daily life

In the realm of music

Katharina Loibner, Klavierpädagogin, Klavierunterr

In my profession as a piano teacher I daily witness the benefits my students have from TaKeTiNa


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