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TaKeTiNa in daily life

Reduce stress and relax

Reduce stress and relax

Encountering rhythm in TaKeTiNa you will clearly experience where you are in a state of unnecessary overactivity and tension. Releasing that you will have deep relaxing effects on your physical, emotional and mental body.


TaKeTiNa is also referred to as the Yoga of Rhythm. As a form of meditation in movement, TaKeTiNa is a proper alternative to sitting meditations, if you cannot calm down by sitting still and concentrating on your breath.

Exercises for inner visualization and awareness for your breath are directly being connected with rhythmic information. Manifesting a network of moving, sensing and inner visualization your inner space is expanding.

Empty your mind

Your thinking subsides as presence arises. A state we long for but cannot enter by will and concentration solely. Participants of TaKeTiNa-Sets often report how surprised they are that it´s so easy for them to "get away from it all".


The combination of psychological and physical relaxation, stillness of the mind, the effects of music and movement as well as the profound stillness which is tangible in the fadeout of rhythm journeys, have a deeply regenerating effect. Since the nervous system is stimulated by the rhythms we work with, the effect considerabely exceeds the duration of the workshop.

Promote your health

There is scientific proof through measurements of heartratevariability and brainwaves that TaKeTiNa has physiological health enhancing effects.  

"The measurements clearly show that TaKeTiNa repeatedly and predictably can cause ideal conditions for the nervous system and the body’s rhythms." Dr. Klaus-Felix Laczika, Medizinische Universität Wien, Internist am AKH Wien.

Train your awareness

Train your awareness

TaKeTiNa is one of many ways to expand consciousness and train presence. Through the integration of movement, rhythm and music, it is easy for many people to calm down. The continuous speaking of rhythmic syllables leads to a still mind, as awareness for sensing and being in the Here and Now arises.  

Develop simultaneous perception

Develop simultaneous perception

Through the simultaneity of several rhythmic layers, of listening and speaking, active and passive, doing and letting happen, more space for perception is created. 

"The logical mode is functioning either-or. The simultaneous perception, on the other hand, allows a mode of both x and y. In the state of simultaneous perception we can be relaxed and tense at the same time and that way stay present and fully alert for the events around us." (from: R. Flatischler, Rhythm for Evolution) 

Extend your attention span

Extend your attention span

The TaKeTiNa process activates Theta-waves in the brain which are dominant in trance and deep meditation. However, since you are active and moving, you simultaneously experience trance and clear presence. This form of concentration is effortlessness because it´s always based on relaxation. 

Access your intuition

Access your intuition

TaKeTiNa boosts intuition through the development of a neural network consisting of hearing, sensing, moving and inner visualization. The brainhalves intensely work together via the corpus callosum. 

Allowing the not-knowing state when losing the rhythm, deeper routed knowledge is accessible which is not controlled by the intellect. Being in touch with this fountain of knowledge helps in daily life with problem solving in complex situations. 

Dissolve reactive patterns

Dissolve reactive patterns

TaKeTiNa functions as a mirror of how we are used to treat ourselves. Are we proud when we manage to do something? Are we used to comparing ourselves with others? Are we angry, if we don´t achieve a goal or can we stay open and curious in the learning process?

TaKeTiNa provides a safe environment in which nothing has to be achieved and there is no danger of being judged. In this environment you can observe your habitual behaviour patterns. That way, reactive patterns which are hindering you to become one with the rhythmic flow, can be transformed. 

Lose your fear of making mistakes

Lose your fear of making mistakes

In TaKeTiNa there is nothing to achieve, there is no teacher that praises or punishes. Am I nevertheless ashamed if someone sees me clapping at the wrong spot? Am I afraid to not be able to accomplish something? Am I trying hard to keep up the appearance of having everything under control when, really, I have no clue anymore?

TaKeTiNa - as opposed to e.g. drum- or danceclasses - is not about learning rhythms or steps. The rhythms we use in TaKeTiNa are inherent in every human body, they don´t need to be "learnt". In the learning setting of TaKeTiNa making mistakes and losing the rhythm are an integral and essential part of learning. Only that way the hidden knowledge can become accessible. 

Train presence

Rhythm always takes place in the Here and Now. Not being able to access the rhythmic flow or losing the rhythm is an unmistakeable sign that something is hindering us to be present. Often the reason are thoughts, the inner critic or other reactive patterns. TaKeTiNa helps to remove these obstacles and therefore functions as a highly effective training for presence.  

Experience happiness

"Happiness cannot be found through great effort and willpower, but is already here, right now, in relaxation and letting go." Lama Gendün Rinpoche

Sooner or later everyone will experience that happiness - as opposed to joy - cannot be bought nor achieved by great effort. TaKeTiNa can provide new experiences. Being one with the rhythmic flow, falling into rhythm, effortlessness and without endeavour, releasing and surrendering, people describe as moments of profound happiness, as the finding of a home within themselves. 

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