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TaKeTiNa in the realm of music

Rhythmic confidence

TaKeTiNa connects listening, sensing, moving, inner visualization and analytic understanding of rhythms. This network in combination with having anchored the inaudible rhythmic information in the body lead to unshakeable rhythmic stability and confidence.

Bodily based rhythmic orientation

Bodily based rhythmic orientation

In TaKeTiNa listening, sensing and moving are the key to your rhythm experience. The steps represent the inaudible component of the music, the silent puls and the cycles which result of gravity patterns. Through the weight transfer with every step and its effects on the vestibular system a sense for pulse and cycle is imprinted in your whole body.

Eventually the pulsation goes on internally, even if you don´t step any more. This way you have a profound rhythmic orientation when you make music even in complex cycles (5, 7, 9, 11 etc.). Your ability to perceive polyrhythms and your rhythmic improvisation skills develop to a very high level.

Right/left independency

TaKeTiNa induces right/left-independency through exercises in which one bodyhalf is active and the other one passive or on one side you will have a pulsating structured rhythm, while the other side performs flowing movements. Through the method of simultaneity and multilayered rhythms movements become autonomous which enables you to realize several different rhythmic layers at the same time. Playing the piano you can play ostinati with your left hand while the right hand can improvise over it freely.

Groove and flow

Making music is a synergy of doing and letting happen. I play a note, but it pulsates. Only when I and It are in synergy and harmony, tangible groove arises. Rhythm can only be perceived in flow, and groove emerges if the musician can feel and sense the silent pulse underneath the music. TaKeTiNa trains the bodily perception of the inaudible layer which is the basic rhythm matrix underlying every music. 

Focus and attention in deep relaxation

Focus and attention in deep relaxation 

The brain waves Theta are dominant in trance and meditation. TaKeTiNa induces Theta-states in which participants don´t fall asleep because they are moving. This way deep relaxation and trance can be experienced simultaneously to clear focus and presence. As a musician you can use this state on stage, when you want to be clearly focused yet deeply relaxed. 

Lose the fear of making mistakes

Lose the fear of making mistakes

Every musician knows this phenomenon: Fear of making a certain mistake kind of guarantees that you will make exactly this mistake. So how can you lose the fear of making mistakes? Through integrating mistakes in the learning process. TaKeTiNa - as opposed to drum or danceclasses - is not about learning certain rhythms or steps. The rhythms we use your body knows already.

It´s only through the alternation of synchronization and desynchronization that the hidden knowledge can open up because it is not accessible through the analytic mind. That is why falling out of rhythm is an integral and essential part of learning in TaKeTiNa

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