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November 25/26, 2017


TaKeTiNa – 24 hours nonstop

This event which takes place yearly around my birthday is a charity event for Karl-Schubert-Schule in Vienna, private school for children with disability which my son attended many years. 

We start Saturday, 25th of November 2017, at 11 am with an introduction. From 12 noon onwards we immerse ourselves in 24 hours of nonstop TaKeTiNa until Sunday, 26th of November, 12 noon. It is also suitable for people who want to get to know TaKeTiNa. Come (at the beginning) and stay as long as you want to. 

You can sleep in the hall of the event or in a seperate room, equipped with mattresses. 

Please bring a mattress and blanket, comfortable clothing and something to eat/drink - there will be a joint buffet.

When: November 25, 2017, 11 am until November 26, 2017, 12 noon 

Where: Kanitzgasse 1-3, 1230 Wien

Costs: free donation, freie Spende, non-binding guideline for participation at the whole event: € 110,- /person. 

All donations go directly to Karl-Schubert-Schule

Please register here


Why 24 hours nonstop?

On the occasion of my 38. birthday on the 24th of November, around which the charity project takes place every year, the number 24 results out of 3x8=24. 

TaKeTiNa over longer periods of time enables you to be deeply relaxed as if you were sleeping, yet you aren´t. This makes it easier to let go. You can lie down, sleep, then get up and actively participate again... That way TaKeTiNa can unfold its effects the best. 

Sleeping? Being awake? ... or both at the same time ... 

I invite you to this singular experience!


Katharina Loibner- TaKeTiNa

Salzstraße 2/9
4212 Neumarkt im Mühlkreis

Phone +43 650 25 99 069